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Fiberglass Columns
Build your dream column right now using our column builder. This user-friendly step by step builder allows you to match your favorite columns, capitals, and bases together to give you an instant visual representation of your ideal column. Then simply choose the height and width appropriate to your application, request a quote, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Round Tapered Columns

Round Tapered

Architectural Columns

The round tapered column includes an architectural taper that gives the column an elongated and elegant appearance. Tapered columns are available with smooth shafts, and with shafts detailed with fluting for a distinctly classical appearance. The round tapered column is available with several artfully crafted and classically inspired capitals. A variety of plans are available to meet your needs, so whether you are in need of a whole column for an entryway or split columns for a pilaster applications, we have a solution.


Round Non-Tapered Columns

Round Non-Tapered

Architectural Columns

In addition to our tapered columns, we also offer round non-tapered fiberglass columns to meet the needs of every project. The non-tapered column is a versatile choice. It is often favored for its solid and robust appearance. We offer the round non-tapered column with a smooth shaft, and also with a fluted shaft, which offers a more richly textured appearance. For easy installation, the round non-tapered column is available in several plans and many sizes to meet your needs.


Square Columns


Architectural Columns

The square fiberglass column is a popular addition to homes crafted in traditional and colonial styles; however, this versatile column is sure to bring out the beauty in a diverse range of exteriors. The square column includes a Tuscan base and shaft. The Tuscan features versatile contoured molding. We can provide you with a square column of any size. Square columns are also available in various plans for easy installation.

Column Information


Architectural columns offer timeless appeal and versatility in use. We offer a range of structural architectural columns designed for use in load-bearing applications. Our architectural columns are exceptional when you want to define exterior spaces with stateliness and character. They are beautifully crafted, flexible in design to compliment many projects, and manufactured with unmatched durability in advanced materials, providing impact resistance, imperviousness to water damage, insects and weathering.


Fiberglass Columns

Known for its longevity and classical beauty, fiberglass columns are the columns of choice for both builders and do-it-yourselfers alike. Our fiberglass columns offer an exceptional alternative to cut stone or painted wood while providing unmatched durability and structural integrity. An advanced polymer and resin construction provides for a detailed, impact resistant and waterproof exterior fiberglass column that is lightweight and easy to install. Styles include traditional Greek tapered and non-tapered, as well as crisp square columns that compliment early American architectural styles.


Wood Columns

Our wood columns offer unmatched warmth and natural texture. We bring you traditional Greek columns, as well as unique column styles crafted with striking artistry and elegance. The beauty of our wood columns is balanced with impeccable precision and quality in manufacturing. To compliment any taste and interior, our wood columns are available in a diverse range of fine hardwood species. In addition to standard sizes, we can also build columns to your specifications for an ideal fit and appearance.


Decorative Columns

Our complete column selection includes decorative columns designed for use in non-load bearing applications. They are an ideal choice when you want enrich interior spaces with character and timeless beauty. Whether you want to brighten entryways, improve countertops, or simply to define living areas, our decorative columns get the job done with elegance and durability. Each is crafted with the precision and quality that you seek, in both high fine hardwoods and advanced synthetic materials.