Balustrade Systems

Balustrade Systems


Overview of our Architectural Balustrade Systems

When you require something more sophisticated than a railing system, our FiberThane and Endura-Stone Balustrade Systems provide a perfect finishing touch for a full range of interior and exteriors. They prove that you don't have to sacrifice elegance for safety as you define exterior spaces. Our balustrade systems are crafted with beauty to provide relaxing and aesthetically effective spaces. They are also crafted with precision in high quality materials that are designed to last and keep your new balustrade system looking as beautiful as the day you install it.

Our FiberThane Balustrade Systems are crafted in durable, lightweight high-density polyurethane. Urethane is one of our most popular, versatile and affordable materials. Our urethane systems allow you to select from a diverse range of balusters and spindle styles. FiberThane Balustrades also pair well with our architectural columns.

If you prefer an authentic marble appearance, the Endura-Stone™ system is an excellent choice of balustrades. This material features a unique polymer and crushed marble combination that has authentic appeal without the costs and difficulties of installing and maintaining a heavy marble balustrade system. The Endura-Stone™ system also includes some of the most distinguished and elegant designs available today.

FiberThane™ Hybrid Balustrade System

Balustrade is one of the finest architectural elements that exists; and we designed the absolute best balustrade product on the market. Our FiberThane® Balustrade System is a hybrid system that utilizes the strength and durability of Fiberglass, and the crisp detail of polyurethane.

EnduraStone™ Series Balustrade System

The beauty and grandeur of classically designed balusters and spindles add a decorative touch to the interior or exterior of your home or commercial site. Many of the most popular balustrade systems, also occasionally known as baluster systems, offer your choice of commercial height, rooftop height, and residential height balusters, all featuring exquisite and intricate detailing.