Architectural Columns

Architectural Columns

Architectural Columns

Presenting our Architectural Columns

The architectural column has remained popular since classical times. It has won favor through revival periods, and continues to inspire timelessly elegant exterior and interior enhancements today. Whether crafted in ultra-durable fiberglass or naturally beautiful carved wood, the architectural column has a special beauty, and it is sure to become a defining addition to any space.

Our column selection includes columns crafted in materials best suited for both exterior and interior applications. We offer both architecturally correct columns, as well as columns in custom heights and diameters.

The architecturally correct column stays true to the proportions of its classical predecessors. For example, the slender and lofty Corinthian column has a height-to-thickness ratio of 10:1, whereas the stocky Tuscan column has a height-to-thickness ratio of 7:1. The architecturally correct Doric column has 20 flutes and the Ionic column is decorated with 24 flutes. Most columns also include a tapered shaft. This gives the column a dramatic and elegant appearance.

With all regards to the architecturally correct column aside, the custom column can offer unique design flexibility. Whether you require a column that is fluted, non-fluted, tapered or non-tapered, we can meet your needs. Open the door to a world of architectural possibilities with columns crafted in custom heights, diameters, and plan types.

You may be glad to know that when you shop with us, you will not have to cut the column to conform to architectural features or the project at hand. Pre-cut columns are available in several plan types to make labor and installation easier. In addition to whole columns, we offer them in split, pilaster, wall wrap, inside corner and outside corner formats.

When bold exteriors call for equally bold columns, we can provide them in large proportions and extended heights. When a job calls for load bearing architectural columns, this is made possible through a selection of hardwood and fiberglass columns. Ultra-durable fiberglass columns are among the most enduring columns in the industry. Fiberglass columns are impact resistant, they can carry large amounts of weight, and they offer the excellent moisture resistance that results in freedom from maintenance and upkeep.