EnduraLum™ Round Columns

Round Aluminum Columns

Endura-Lum™ Round Aluminum Columns

Presenting our Endura-Lum Columns

Accentuate a diverse range of exteriors with versatile Endura-Lum Aluminum Columns. Endura-Lum Columns are sure to enrich any creation or renovation with the lasting beauty that you seek.

The Endura-Lum selection includes six square columns and one round column that can be installed with additional bases. The diverse square column selection has traditional character. The round aluminum column comes with a standard base and capital. Give this column a character-filled appearance with the addition of the Corinthian Capital or the Scamozzi Capital. The aluminum column performs exceptionally well in exterior applications. Aluminum has a natural resistance to corrosion, and it will not decay.

We are glad to offer high-quality aluminum columns for every application. Endura-Lum Aluminum Columns are suitable for load-bearing use. If a purely decorative column is required, aluminum column wraps are also available.

Endura-Lum™ Round Column Specifications

The classical column continues to inspire truly outstanding enhancements, ranging from patio creations to interior renovations. Our product selection reflects the diverse materials available to use today. We bring you beautifully crafted aluminum columns that will surely set the tone for the project at hand.

The Round Endura-Lum Aluminum Column features classic fluting. Fluting brings rich texture into any enhancement project. The column is non-tapered. The round non-tapered column always has a bold and strong appearance. This column is not only strong in appearance, but durable in form. Aluminum has a natural resistance against corrosion. This makes aluminum one of the most popular materials for use in exterior applications. A powder coat finish seals and protects.

Customize the Round Endura-Lum Aluminum Column with your choice of decorative capitals. We offer the Standard, Corinthian and Scamozzi.

Round Fluted Columns
Size Weight A B C *Centered Load Limit
6" x 8'196"7-9/16"1-3/4"20,000 lbs.
6" x 9'216"7-9/16"1-3/4"20,000 lbs.
6" x 10'236"7-9/16"1-3/4"20,000 lbs.
8" x 8'247-5/8"9-7/16"2-3/16"21,000 lbs.
8" x 9'277-5/8"9-7/16"2-3/16"21,000 lbs.
8" x 10'307-5/8"9-7/16"2-3/16"21,000 lbs.
8" x 12'327-5/8"9-7/16"2-3/16"21,000 lbs.
8" x 16'407-5/8"9-7/16"2-3/16"21,000 lbs.
8" x 18'507-5/8"9-7/16"2-3/16"21,000 lbs.
8" x 20'627-5/8"9-7/16"2-3/16"21,000 lbs.
10" x 8'339-3/8"11-1/4"2-3/8"26,000 lbs.
10" x 9'369-3/8"11-1/4"2-3/8"26,000 lbs.
10" x 10'389-3/8"11-1/4"2-3/8"26,000 lbs.
10" x 12'479-3/8"11-1/4"2-3/8"26,000 lbs.
10" x 16'639-3/8"11-1/4"2-3/8"26,000 lbs.
10" x 18'679-3/8"11-1/4"2-3/8"26,000 lbs.
10" x 20'759-3/8"11-1/4"2-3/8"26,000 lbs.
12" x 8'5211-1/2"15-1/8"2-3/4"37,000 lbs.
12" x 9'5811-1/2"15-1/8"2-3/4"37,000 lbs.
12" x 10'6511-1/2"15-1/8"2-3/4"37,000 lbs.
12" x 12'7511-1/2"15-1/8"2-3/4"37,000 lbs.
12" x 16'9911-1/2"15-1/8"2-3/4"37,000 lbs.
12" x 18'10211-1/2"15-1/8"2-3/4"37,000 lbs.
12" x 20'11511-1/2"15-1/8"2-3/4"37,000 lbs.
12" x 24'13011-1/2"15-1/8"2-3/4"37,000 lbs.
15" x 12'11514-1/2"18-3/4"4-3/4"45,000 lbs.
15" x 16'12314-1/2"18-3/4"4-3/4"45,000 lbs.
15" x 18'14014-1/2"18-3/4"4-3/4"45,000 lbs.
15" x 20'15514-1/2"18-3/4"4-3/4"45,000 lbs.
15" x 24'17014-1/2"18-3/4"4-3/4"45,000 lbs.
18" x 16'18217-3/4"22-1/2"5"45,000 lbs.
18" x 18'19817-3/4"22-1/2"5"45,000 lbs.
18" x 20'21517-3/4"22-1/2"5"45,000 lbs.
18" x 24'24717-3/4"22-1/2"5"45,000 lbs.
24" x 18'29523-1/2"28-7/8"7-3/4"45,000 lbs.
24" x 20'32023-1/2"28-7/8"7-3/4"45,000 lbs.
24" x 24'37023-1/2"28-7/8"7-3/4"45,000 lbs.
*Load-bearing capacity is dependent on distributing the load evenly over bearing surfaces of the shaft. All installation information is of general nature; columns should be installed and secured (fastened) according to standard construction practices and in compliance with applicable local, state and federal building regulations. Note: 2nd story balconies should not be attached directly to the side of any column.

Endura-Lum™ Capitals & Bases

Tuscan Capital
Width Height
6"7-9/16" 1-3/4"
8"9-7/16" 2-3/16"
10"11-1/4" 2-3/8"
12"15-1/8" 2-3/4"
15"18-3/4" 4-3/4"
18"22-1/2" 5"
24"28-7/8" 7-3/4"

Scamozzi Capital
Width Height

Roman Corinthian
Width Height

Endura-Lum Plan Types

Endura-Lum Columns are as unique as the different types of installations that are available. We offer our Endura-Lum Columns in a wide variety of "Plan Types". These "Plan Types" are the style and type of shaft, capital, and base you will receive. If you are using them as half columns against a wall, you would want to select an "D" plan type. This would give you a column that could be installed against a wall. These are the most common plan types, however, we can do custom plan types if your project requires it.

Endura-Lum Material Information

Endura-Lum Aluminum Columns are made from the finest quality aluminums and manufactured here in the United States. Our aluminum columns are load bearing, can wrap existing posts, and available in the most popular sizes. Each column is factory finished with a beautiful Power Coat Paint Finish that is ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

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