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Overview of our Architectural Wood Columns

Pacific Columns line of Wood Architectural columns are some of the most well-respected architectural products in the industry. With the reputation of excellent craftsmanship, precision wood turning, and flexibility to manufacture any custom column design. Our Wood Architectural Columns differentiate themselves as the finest columns available.

Pacific Columns manufacturing flexibility not only includes custom sizes and styles, but also wood species. Pacific Columns has a long history of manufacturing wood products and can acquire any species that you are looking for.

Tuscan Wood Columns

The quintessential Tuscan column is actually a version of the Greek Doric column. The Tuscan, one of the last defined Classical columns, was a simplified version of the Doric, continued by Roman architects and further enhanced with astragal ring and a simplified base. This column style was a versatile addition to many spaces in ancient times, and today, it maintains its appeal.

Greek Doric Wood Columns

The absence of a base and a simply versatile form are the defining characteristics of the Greek Doric Column. In terms of traditional architectural proportions, the Greek Doric Column also features a height of five and one-half shaft diameters. The oldest of Greek columns, the Doric is found in many ancient Mediterranean structures, perhaps the most famous being the Greek Parthenon.

Roman Doric Wood Columns

Increased decorative details make the Roman Doric Column an enhancement of the simplified Tuscan. The Roman Doric column features an elegantly detailed cap and base. It also sets itself apart with a height equaling eight shaft diameters. The end result is a simply elegant column with a graceful and elongated appearance.

Roman Ionic Wood Columns

The Roman Ionic Column is perhaps the most unique. It is the only classical column to break free of a canonic, or cylindrical capitol. The Ionic column's capitol is its crowning glory and what sets it apart from the rest. It features a flattened scroll with curling ends or volutes.

Roman Corinthian Wood Columns

Of all the Classical columns, the Roman Corinthian has the most festive and natural appearance. The original Greek Corinthian is the last of the Greek columns, and features a bell-shaped capitol adorned with lush acanthus leaves and accented by small and stylized Ionic flutes.

Ornamental Capitals for Wood Columns

Architectural Ornamentation gets the crowning jewel with historically designs ornamental capitals. We offer 9 uniquue, historically accurate capitals, like Roman Corinthian, Temple of Winds, Scamozzi, Ionic, and more.