Popular Column Applications

Popular Column Applications

Popular Column Applications

Patio Columns

Our selection of columns includes accents for every living space. For a perfect addition to any patio, browse our Endura-Series™ Composite Columns. They are crafted in ultra-durable fiberglass/composite, and completely beautiful. They help turn a plain patio into an elegant and inviting space. Our Tuscan columns are a popular choice for architects, contractors, and do-it-yourselfers.

Decorative Columns

The first columns were primitive and designed to carry the weight of ceilings. Man's natural inclination toward creativity and ornamentation soon brought about some of the most beautiful columns of the ancient world. Now you can incorporate the rich beauty of the decorative column into both exterior and interior spaces. Our selection includes a full range of columns spanning historically accurate styles through unique and contemporary pieces. Standard and custom creations provide an ideal fit and appearance.

Porch Columns

It is true that porch columns can help define the style of your home while making this exterior space more inviting and aesthetically pleasing. Turn an ordinary porch into something more with our Endura-Stone™ Front Porch Columns. They are architecturally inspired for a truly elegant and timeless appearance. Endura-Stone™ Front Porch Columns feature an authentic appearance and an ultra-durable construction. They are crafted in Endura-Stone™, one of today's strongest materials for a virtually maintenance free column.

Structural Columns

Our Endura-Series™ columns are at once beautifully crafted and fully-load bearing. They surpass industry standards when it comes to structural support, thanks to a very durable construction that stands up to weathering, humidity, rotting and insects. Endura-Stone™ makes our columns stronger and more enduring than concrete, steel or aluminum. At once aesthetically effective and made to last, our structural columns are an excellent choice.

Architectural Columns

Endura-Series™ Architectural Fiberglass Columns are historically accurate and durably crafted to enhance any home. We offer an extensive collection of architecturally correct columns and capitols for all your needs. We are your source for classically inspired columns that can define the style of your home. If you seek something timelessly elegant, you have come to the right place. Pacific Columns meets your needs when you demand style, value and performance.

Square Columns

Square Columns are a versatile addition to many exteriors. In contrast with our stately Greek and Roman inspired styles, our square columns have a distinct early 1900's feel. Our square columns are available in elegant tapered and simple non-tapered formats. A durable PVC Column Wraps construction keeps our Endura-Series square columns looking as beautiful as the day you install them. They resist warping, rotting, and insects through all weather conditions. Crisp, durable and easy to install, our square columns are great addition to porches and more.

Interior Columns

Interior columns have a long history that stretches back into ancient times. Today, they maintain a timelessly elegant appeal. Interior columns are profoundly effective when it comes to defining interior spaces. They add character and rich architectural detail to both residential and commercial spaces. Our product selection provides freestanding columns as well as split columns that can be used as pilasters. Whether you seek columns for structural support or aesthetic appeal, there is surely an interior column for any project at Pacific Columns.

Exterior Columns

Endura-Series™ Exterior Columns are not only beautifully crafted but also covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. They are manufactured in Endura-Stone™, one of the industry's strongest building materials. Your new exterior columns will endure through all weather conditions to resist warping, water damage, cracking, rotting and insects. Our columns greatly enhance exteriors with stateliness and bold elegance. Your choice of standard and custom sizes ensures that there is an exterior project for all your needs.