Premier Series™ Roman Doric Wood Columns

Roman Doric Wood Columns

Roman Doric Columns

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Presenting our Roman Doric Wood Columns

Increased decorative details make the Roman Doric Column an enhancement of the simplified Tuscan. The Roman Doric column features an elegantly detailed cap and base. It also sets itself apart with a height equaling eight shaft diameters. The end result is a simply elegant column with a graceful and elongated appearance.

You will find example of the Roman Doric Column in Rome at the massive Theater of Marcellus. Today, the Roman Doric Column is an excellent choice for many projects, be they interior or exterior. Fluting and tapering options add increased detail to this already richly crafted column.

The Roman Doric Order features an increase of decorative moulding over the Tuscan Order. Vignola's Denticulated Doric Cap has a stepped, three-fillet support of the Tuscan Order. The Doric base is similar to the Tuscan, but the addition of bead above the torus moulding is an elegant embellishment. According to Vignola, the height of the Doric Column including cap and base should be eight diameters. Vignola Denticulated Doric is imitated closely from the Theater of Marcellus. Available in Stain Grade or Paint Grade.

Although most commonly used in applications specifying flutes, the Roman Doric Wood Column is also available in an unfluted version. If the project calls for a more classic look, non-tapered columns are available as well as any custom combination of heights and widths.

Roman Doric Intercolumniation

Roman Doric Columns are available in fluted or unfluted versions. They may be ordered in Vignola’s architectural proportions or in custom combinations of column lengths and widths as well as in non-tapered cylinders. Square architectural columns and pilasters to match detail of round tapered columns are available.

Roman Doric Tapered Shaft Fluting Specs Roman Doric Base Roman Doric Cap
Outside Dia. Inside Dia. No. Width Plinth Base Molding Total Neck Echinus Abacus Total
Bottom Top Bottom Top A B C D B-D E F G H I J G-I

Column Order Superposition

The view of Renaissance authority Scamozzi was that the lower diameter of a top column should equal the upper diameter of the column underneath. The superior order should always be placed over the inferior, that is Corinthian over Ionic, Doric, Tuscan. The more slender and elegant orders should be placed over the stockier and more solidly built if a top-heavy design is not desired. An ancient example of this descending order is the Colosseum in Rome, which has at least four stories of superpositioned orders.

Premier Wood Column Plan Types

Premier Wood Columns are as unique as the different types of installations that are available. We offer our Premier Wood Columns in a wide variety of "Plan Types". These "Plan Types" are the style and type of shaft, capital, and base you will receive. If you are using them as half columns against a wall, you would want to select an "D" plan type. This would give you a column that could be installed against a wall. These are the most common plan types, however, we can do custom plan types if your project requires it.

Calculated Safe-Load Capacities

The sample columns tested supported loads at least four times the calculated value above prior to failure. The load was applied concentrically through the axis of the column. Loads shown are valid only if there is uniform contact between the full area of column ends and the cap & base units. Loads are provided for your convenience only and are not exact values. Consult a structural engineer for the most accurate load estimates.

Safe-Load Capacities
Shaft Dia. Pine Redwood Shaft Dia. Pine Redwood

Stave Thickness

Stave Thickness
Shaft Dia. Unfluted Fluted Shaft Dia. Unfluted Fluted

Column Splitting

Using a precision splitting template machine, columns can be divided in halves to be used as pilasters or to be reassembled around existing structural members. Columns designed for reassembly come with realignment splines and installation instructions.

Available Materials

Stain grade columns are designed to let the natural beauty of the wood shine through. The most attractive wood is used, so when the column is stained, it looks outstanding. They are perfect for interior applications.

Finishing Options

Wood Finish - Stain Grade
Stain grade columns are designed to let the natural beauty of the wood shine through. The most attractive wood is used, so when the column is stained, it looks outstanding. They are perfect for interior applications.

Wood Finish - Paint Grade
Paint grade columns are an excellent choice for exterior enhancements. Paint grade wood columns are unfinished. It is important to note that for the best results, these columns should be primed and painted.