Patio Columns

Patio Columns

Patio Columns

Presenting our Patio Columns

When there is a need for relaxation, the patio exists as a backyard retreat. It serves as a quiet and serene space or a lively gathering place for friends and family.

The exterior living space becomes truly special when careful attention is given to architecture and decor. Patio columns are a defining addition to exterior spaces, whether you are covering a deck, building a free-standing pergola or a larger pavilion. When it comes to choosing the right patio columns, options abound. Classical columns have a particularly elegant and timeless effect. The Doric and Tuscan columns, with their simply elegant designs, are versatile. Square columns can also be used in patio applications. The square column plays an important role in the design of the Craftsman home, and lends itself to patio enhancements, as well.

A load-bearing patio column can function as a support and decorative element in your outdoor living space. Consider ultra-durable fiberglass and high quality hardwood for such applications. As an alternative to the load-bearing column, a hollow column can be installed around a plain structural support, or around an existing support hat you wish to conceal. A non-load bearing decorative column is a great cost-effective solution in such a situation.

In the outdoor setting, it is important that the patio performs well through all weather conditions. Our patio column selection offers the outstanding quality and durability that you require. In fact, patio columns are virtually maintenance-free and they free you from seasonal upkeep, so you can spend more time enjoying the exterior space and less time working.

Composite columns are an excellent choice for patio applications. Durable polymer materials, like fiberglass and PVC Column Wraps include closed cell structures that prevent the excessive levels of moisture absorption that can lead to peeling, staining, decay and other forms of damage. When you lock out moisture, this results in a column that remains beautiful.

Our product selection includes patio columns for every exterior space. Patio columns are available in a full range of heights and diameters to meet your needs. Many column styles also include decorative capital and base options. We also offer Endura-Stone™ columns that are pre-colored and pre-textured.