Overview of our Architectural Columns

When you require something more sophisticated than a railing system, our FiberThane and Endura-Stone Balustrade Systems provide a perfect finishing touch for a full range of interior and exteriors. They prove that you don't have to sacrifice elegance for safety as you define exterior spaces. Our balustrade systems are crafted with beauty to provide relaxing and aesthetically effective spaces. They are also crafted with precision in high quality materials that are designed to last and keep your new balustrade system looking as beautiful as the day you install it.

Our FiberThane Balustrade Systems are crafted in durable, lightweight high-density polyurethane. Urethane is one of our most popular, versatile and affordable materials. Our urethane systems allow you to select from a diverse range of balusters and spindle styles. FiberThane Balustrades also pair well with our architectural columns.

If you prefer an authentic marble appearance, the Endura-Stone™ system is an excellent choice of balustrades. This material features a unique polymer and crushed marble combination that has authentic appeal without the costs and difficulties of installing and maintaining a heavy marble balustrade system. The Endura-Stone™ system also includes some of the most distinguished and elegant designs available today.

Endura-Stone™ Architectural Columns

Endura-Stone™ Columns are architecturally proportioned columns manufactured from rotocast, Fiberglass-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) - the most advanced construction material in the world. With Flame Guard™, Endura-Stone™ Columns have become the first FRP column to achieve the distinction of passing an industry test (ASTME, 84-01) that measures the flame spread and smoke development of building components in a fire.

Endura-Craft™ Craftsman Columns

Endura-Craft™ Columns are the last segment in Pacific Columns' extensive line of composite columns. These columns are the perfect combination of early 1900's Arts and Crafts architecture and today's most advanced construction materials. The Endura-Craft™ Column Series is manufactured from the highest quality expanded cellular PVC, allowing them to be trimmed, drilled, and even fastened with traditional carpentry tools.

Endura-Classic™ Architectural Columns

Endura-Classic Round Tapered Columns feature "entasis", or a slight bulge near the center of the column's shaft. Ancient Greek and Roman architects believed that entasis corrected a concave appearance in the column's shaft caused by perspective. The result is an ancient formula designed to create the most visually pleasing column possible. Also, the height of the Round Tapered Column is also seven circumferences of the shaft, an additional feature that keeps the round tapered column in step with traditional measurements.

Endura-Lite™ Light-Weight Columns

Sometimes the most beautiful solutions are the most simple. Endura-Lite square columns from Turncraft offer the classic beauty that homeowners and commercial property owners appreciate. Made from lightweight fiberglass, these columns are easy to cut, easy to install, and strong enough to carry heavy loads. Like other Endura columns, Endura-Lite columns are decay resistant and require little maintenance.

Endura-Lum™ Aluminum Columns

The Endura-Lum selection includes six square columns and one round column that can be installed with additional bases. The diverse square column selection has traditional character. The round aluminum column comes with a standard base and capital. Give this column a character-filled appearance with the addition of the Corinthian Capital or the Scamozzi Capital. The aluminum column performs exceptionally well in exterior applications. Aluminum has a natural resistance to corrosion, and it will not decay.

Premier Series™ Architectural Wood Columns

Pacific Columns line of Wood Architectural columns are some of the most well-respected architectural products in the industry. With the reputation of excellent craftsmanship, precision wood turning, and flexibility to manufacture any custom column design. Our Wood Architectural Columns differentiate themselves as the finest columns available.

Signature Series™ Carved Wood Columns

Our selection of decorative wood columns also includes the Signature Series™, a collection of decorative columns crafted with stunning beauty. When you want something unique and above average, the Signature Series™ has much to offer.

Colonial Wood Columns

The craftsmanship and practical price of our Wood Colonial columns are the choice of homeowners and builders who desire a more traditional style made from natural materials. Paint-grade Western Pine columns are ready for immediate delivery, so you can complete your projects on time and within budget.

Real Wood Porch Posts

There is nothing like the beauty of real wood turnings to add distinction, character, and value to a building project. Turncraft Porch Posts add charm and personality to walkways, landings, decks, and porches.They are turned from finger-jointed, kiln-dried western wood species.