Are these columns load-bearing?

Our Endura-Stone™, Endura-Classic™, and Endura-Wound™, as well as our wide array of wood columns, are all load bearing.

How are the columns shipped?

The columns either ship with a qualified carrier company or on a Pacific Columns truck. Decorative capitals may be shipped separately via UPS or comparable shipper.

What happens if my columns arrive damaged?

Each column is carefully inspected, packaged, and then banded snugly to a pallet. In the unlikely case that a product does not arrive in perfect condition, you should refuse the order with the shipping company by writing “Damaged goods in shipment-return to sender” on the bill of lading. For further information, please call (800) 294-1098.

Can I return my columns?

Pacific Columns does provide a limited return policy for inventory items in proper condition. We do reserve the right to charge a 25% restocking fee for returned items. For more information on returns or cancellations, please call (800) 294-1098.

Can I trim my columns to a shorter height?

Yes you can. If the column is non-tapered, you may trim to any specific height. If the column is a Pacific Columns tapered model, you can trim up to 1/3 of the total shaft height without affecting how the base or capital fit. Each column must be trimmed from the bottom of the shaft.

If my columns are split, what type of adhesive do I need to reassemble them?

To reassemble a split Endura-Series Column, a polyurethane construction adhesive should be used. This product can be found at any hardware or construction-supply provider. For our wood columns, any waterproof wood glue should be used.

If my columns are split, are they still load-bearing?

Split columns are used for visual purposes only. Once the column is cut vertically, it is no longer load-bearing.

How do I secure a split column to a wooden or metal post?

Depending on your application, there are several ways to hold a column in place when used for decoration purposes only. One of the most common ways to hold a column in place is to use standard L brackets on the bottom and top of the column’s shaft. The Tuscan Base and Capital hide this method of installation. If being assembled around a wooden post, a common way to secure the column is by using wood shims. The shims should fit snugly between the column shaft and the post for proper stability.

Do I have to paint these columns?

It depends. If you are using one of our Endura-Stone™, Endura-Classic™, Endura-Wound™ or Paint grade wood columns, then an oil-based or acrylic latex paint must be used. Our Endura-Craft™ Columns come in a pre-finished material that, unless installation touchups are needed, does not require painting. They are manufactured from a washable material that can be sprayed or wiped clean from time to time. By definition, a stain grade wood column is intended to be used with a wood stain.

Do the capital and base add any height to the column?

For all of our Endura-Series Columns, the capital and base do not add any height unless a decorative capital is used. For all of our wood columns, the capital and base do add height. These heights can be adjusted per your request.