Exterior Columns

Exterior Columns

Exterior Columns

Presenting our Exterior Columns

An outstanding exterior column is both beautifully crafted and enduring. The exterior column that remains beautiful offers freedom from maintenance and upkeep. Fine craftsmanship in high quality materials leads to truly impressive exterior enhancements that highlight the porch or entryway, which are among the homes most important and inviting architectural features.

Todays homeowners have an expansive selection of column materials to choose from. These materials are always in development, rapidly improving, and designed to meet a diverse range of needs and requirements.

Composite columns are increasingly popular. Versatile composite materials, such as Endura-Stone™, can be crafted to convey the beauty of classic stone columns through detailed textures and natural hues. Composite columns also offer excellent moisture resistance.

Carved wood columns posses incomparable warmth and texture. There are many different species to choose from, ranging from pale and subtly grained or dark and richly textured. Some wood species, including Redwood and Cedar, perform exceptionally well in exterior applications. Wood columns are also treated with high-performance wood preservatives that protect against damage.

The great columns of the ancient Mediterranean often define the architecture of the time, and they were designed to carry massive amounts of weight. Todays exterior columns can also function on both ornamental and supportive levels. A load-bearing material like fiberglass can be used to carry the weight of arches, pediments, porches, and more. Carved hardwood columns are also suitable for use in load-bearing applications. It is important to note that fiberglass and wood columns are only load-bearing when installed whole, as opposed to various plan types, like split, inside corner, wall wrap or pilaster.

Architecturally correct exterior columns are crafted in the proportions of the classical orders. For example, the bold and stout Doric order, the first column of the three primary orders, has a height-to-thickness ratio is of 8:1. The tall and slender Corinthian order, the last of the three primary orders, has a height-to-thickness ratio of 10:1. Architecturally correct exterior columns may also include a tapered shaft. The taper gives the column a dramatic air and creates an enhanced sense of height. Exterior columns crafted with custom proportions can be equally beneficial and eye-catching, as they conform to and compliment the homes unique features.