EnduraCraft™ Columns

Craftsman Columns


Overview of our Endura-Craft Columns

Endura-Craft™ Columns are the last segment in Pacific Columns' extensive line of composite columns. These columns are the perfect combination of early 1900's Arts and Crafts architecture and today's most advanced construction materials. The Endura-Craft™ Column Series is manufactured from the highest quality expanded cellular PVC, allowing them to be trimmed, drilled, and even fastened with traditional carpentry tools.

Although traditional carpentry tools are used to install these innovative Endura-Craft™ Craftsman PVC Column Wraps, there is no need for the traditional joinery work of wood columns or the constant painting and upkeep that wood columns require. Endura-Craft™ Craftsman Columns also come with the E-Z Lock column joint design, which means that they come ready for quick and simple installation. This innovative design results in clean edges and an overall crisp and precise appearance.

This allows the PVC Column Wraps to have hollow centers ready to wrap a support beam, act as a channel for downspouts or hiding wiring and plumbing. Detachable bases allow each Endura-Craft™ Craftsman column to be trimmed to a specified height.

Endura-Craft™ Tapered Columns

Our extensive line of exterior and interior columns includes the Endura-Series™ Square Tapered Column, a crisply detailed column with early 1900's appeal. This column is inspired by Arts and Crafts architecture and millwork. It has proven itself a versatile addition to countless colonial homes, and maintains its appeal today. An elegantly tapered form sets the Endura-Series™ Square Tapered Column apart from others.

Endura-Craft™ Non-Tapered Columns

A high quality expanded cellular PVC construction makes the Endura-Series™ Square non-Tapered Column an excellent choice. This advanced material is easy to work with, and it retains traditional appeal to truly enhance your home. Some styles are also crafted in our enhanced Endura-Stone™, one of today's most advanced structural materials.