Learn More about Architectural Products

Pacific Columns is proud to offer the finest collection of architectural millwork products. Since 1998 Pacific Columns has partnered with the finest manufacturers of architectural columns, balustrade systems, deck and railing systems, exterior shutters, and other fine millwork. Browse our collection of helpful videos to learn more about Pacific Columns and our complete product offering.

About Pacific Columns

Take a tour through Pacific Columns -- the leading manufacturer of columns, balustrade, railing, shutters, moulding, and thousands of other urethane and wood millwork products. You'll get a behind-the-scenes look at the Pacific Columns offices, manufacturing plant, warehouses, and much more.

Choose the Right Size Column

Our composite columns come in a wide variety of heights and diameters. Different column heights are available depending on the diameter size that you choose. This video teaches customers how to choose the right height and diameter for their columns.

About Composite Columns

Short video promo that highlights the most important features of composite columns, such as the value they add to properties, and their resistance to weathering and insects.

Signature Series Wood Columns

Our signature series columns are the finest wood columns available in the industry. This video shows the different styles available and their most important features.

Decorative Capitals & Columns

Pacific Columns offers the largest selection of decorative capitals and columns. Our decorative capitals are not only available in Endura-Stoneā„¢ but in hand carved woods as well! Pacific Columns not only carries the Roman & Greek orders, but several custom styles in the wood- our signature series. Exceptionally great products in a variety of options.

Case Study - Buying Local vs. Buying Online

Learn about the huge advantages that Pacific Columns has over local hardware stores. This video shows the pros and cons of buying columns from both, local lumber yard stores, and a specialized column store such as Pacific Columns.

Our Complete Product Selection

Pacific Columns is dedicated to helping deliver a complete product line. Indoor or outdoor, columns or otherwise, Pacific Columns can provide you with fine architectural products for residential and commercial applications. Furthermore, our team is here to help you from start to finish on your project--should you have any questions, like installation procedures, just ask!

Industry Leading QuickShip on Fiberglass Columns

Find out about the most important features of our innovative shipping program. Thanks to Quickship, we can ship your columns in less than 72 hours.

FlameGuard on FRP Columns

Our Endura-Stone columns have become the first ones to achieve a "class A" category in the industry. Watch this video and learn why.

Column Material History

This video teaches customers a little about how the first columns in history were made. Stone and concrete offered strength and reliability, today our columns offer even more while staying true to the historical orders.

Composite Columns vs. Wood Columns

Composite columns or wood columns? Each has advantages, but which is right for you? This video will help layout what common features and functions each material is capable of. Whether you're looking for authentic Roman design or you just want to find the fastest shipping column.

Case Study - Concrete Columns vs. FRP Columns

Concrete is one of the most commonly used man-made materials in construction, is it really the best option for decorative or structural columns? In this video we attempt to answer this question by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of concrete and FRP columns.

Case Study - Building Columns vs. Buying Columns

Everyone has had the desire to take on their own home improvement projects in hopes of saving money and adding value to their property. One of the projects that has become recently popular is to build square porch columns out of plywood in order to wrap existing wood support posts.

Architectural Correctness

Got tapers? Pacific Columns does! We carry architecturally correct Roman & Greek designs with our columns, keeping the true entasis tapers from historical specifications. Our decorative capitals are historically designed and our Endura-stone bases are made in Endura-Stone™ material as well to ensure quality comes standard in your column order.

About our Fiberglass Columns

Pacific Columns is committed to offer the best architectural products of the industry. Our columns are 100% made in the United States, offering the highest possible quality. Watch this video and learn more about sizes, colors, and materials.

About our Bases

This video talks about the importance of column bases. It compares our bases to those made out of urethane, plastic, and aluminum; and teaches customers what they should ask when choosing the right bases for their columns.