Vinyl Exterior Shutters

Vinyl Exterior Shutters

Vinyl Shutters

Presenting our Exterior Vinyl Shutters

Nothing brings a home's exterior to life like gorgeous shutters. They not only complement a home's windows, they also provide another dimension of beauty and vibrancy. That's why we offer two shutter categories to choose from.

First, our standard shutters. They come in a ll the most popular sizes and colors, making it easy to find a shutter that matches the needs of almost any project. But don't worry. If a project requires a more personalized look, there's also our specialty custom shutters. They allow for customized styles, widths and lengths, making them perfect for those projects that need a special touch.

Louver Exterior Shutters

With crisp angles and lines, these shutters provide a timeless look which perfectly complements both historically-inspired and contemporary architecture.

  • Widths: 9-1/4", 12", 14-1/2", 16-1/2", 18"
  • Lengths: 18" to 144" in 1/4" increments
  • All dimensions are nominal.
Vinyl Equal Louver ShuttersL1 Cathedral Equal Louver
Vinyl Straight Top Louver ShuttersL2 Straight Equal Louver
Vinyl Offset Cathedral Louver ShuttersL3 Cathedral Offset Louver
Vinyl Offset Straight Top Louver ShuttersL4 Straight Offset Louver
Vinyl All Louver Shuttersl5 Cathedral All Louver
Vinyl Straight Top All Louver ShuttersL6 Straight All Louver

Raised Panel Exterior Shutters

With detailed depth and simple elegance, raised panel shutters offer a handsome look that adds warmth to a range of home styles.

  • Widths: 9-1/4", 12", 14-1/2", 16-1/2", 18"
  • Lengths: 22" to 110" in 1/4" increments, P1: 18" to 55" in 1/4" increments
  • All dimensions are nominal.
P2 Equal Panel
P1 Single Panel
P3 Offset Panel
P4 Three Equal Panels
P5 Small Center Panel
P6 Small Top Panel

Board-n-Batten Exterior Shutters

With rich, Old-World character, board-n-batten shutters are extremely versatile, providing a traditional, colorful accent that complements a range of architectural styles and exterior materials.

  • Lengths: 18" to 144" in 1/4" increments
  • All dimensions are nominal.
  • Shutters under 55" in length will have two cross battens; shutters 55" and over will have three cross battens.
J2 7" BnB Joined
J3 10-1/2" BnB Joined
J4 14" BnB Joined
J5 17-1/2" BnB Joined
J4A 14" ArchTop Joined
S2 7-3/4" BnB Spaced
S3 12" BnB Spaced
S4 16-1/4" BnB Spaced
S5 20-1/2" BnB Spaced

Combination Louver & Panel Exterior Shutters

Combine contrasting textures for an unexpected finishing touch. A cathedral top adds an extra layer of sophistication. Customize length and width for precisely the look you desire.

  • Widths: 9-1/4", 12", 14-1/2", 16-1/2", 18"
  • Lengths: 22" to 110" in 1/4" increments
  • All dimensions are nominal.
  • Maximum length of one panel section is 50" without top, center or bottom.
LP1 Cathedral Top
LP2 Straight Top

Shutter Accessories for Exterior Shutters

Complete your vinyl shutter installation with beautiful accents like arch tops and decorative vinyl shutter hardware.

Eliptical Arch Top
Quarter Round Arch Top
Quarter Round Arch Top Louver
Quarter Round Arch Top Solid
Raised Panel Transom Top
Decorative Hinges
Shutter-Lok Fasteners
Painted Screws
Shutter Clips
Ferrules (For Uneven Installations)

Enduring Beauty. Vibrant Colors

White (001)
Black (002)
Wedgewood Blue (004)
Clay (008)
Federal Brown (009)
Musket Brown (010)
Tuxedo Grey (018)
Wicker (023)
Burgundy Red (027)
Forest Green (028)
Classic Blue (036)
Wineberry (078)
Bright White (017)
Midnight Green (122)
Midnight Blue (166)
Bordeaux (167)
Paintable (030)

Installation & Technical Guides. Get it done right

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